Developing brand identity through visionary integration of each company's strength within their market segment.

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Building Your Brand

JLB Design Studio, inc. works with Stan E. Hubbard, owner of the New Mexico Ice Wolves, to design their new flagship logo. Utilizing geographic elements from the state of New Mexico—combined with representative flag colors— this clean design breaks the New Mexico Ice Wolves away from the rest of the pack!


Product Design

JLB Design Studio, inc.—in addition to straight up graphic design—enjoys some product design as well. These floating boat keys light up once the hit the water, providing the boater an enhanced visual to find their keys...


Package Design

Package Design plays in important role within the busy veins of the internet as well as on the traditional shelves of brick and mortar locations. A 3-dimensional "billboard".

JLB Design Studio, inc. provides SweetSpot Baseball with entire brand package.

JLB design Studio, inc